Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Drive


I went for a drive in the new jalopy today, to Groomsport and Bangor, both in County Down.

The new two-seater drives beautifully. It is even smoother, more refined, more efficient, and quieter than my last one.

This model has no hand-brake. Instead, it has an electric parking brake which engages on a button and disengages when Drive or Reverse is selected.

The new car is lighter, with more use of aluminium and a perspex roof.

The "eco" feature contributes to more efficient motoring and thereby reduces the cost of Road Tax from £280 in the older model to £180.

The computer is extraordinary in what it can do, from "Distronic" to "Speedtronic" and lots of safety features.

JUST beyond Groomsport I stopped at the National Trust's two year-old plantation, Lowry's Wood, which is beside Portavo Reservoir.

The saplings seem to be growing satisfactorily, though there is much undergrowth.

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