Monday, 13 January 2020

Brackenber School: 1930-1985

Here is the very last entry on page 34 of The Brackenbrian, Brackenber House School's magazine:-

Momentote vos superstites scholae Brackenbris
qui hinc progressi disciplina eius minime
dedecorata famam bonam ac mores ipsis ascivistis.

Be ever mindful, you who have survived,
Of what, from Brackenber, you have derived,
Who forth have gone, its training undisgraced,
And morals and a goodly name embraced
Briefly scanning the school register, a few interesting names of former alumni have emerged:-

L. OPIK 1969 - 1976
He went to RBAI where he had a brilliant academic career. He is now at Bristol University reading Philosophy and President of the Students' Union there. He must have been there during my time; I don't remember him, though. 
H.J. HASTINGS 1971 - 1975.
After a successful career at Harrow he went to Nottingham University where he obtained his law degree. He is now with Peat Marwick, London, studying for an accountancy degree. Howard Hastings and I were pals. I think we began a Corgi Toys club in the library, or something like that with others.
The above entries were written almost 25 years ago.

Incidentally, Brackenber House School was located at Cleaver Avenue, off Malone Road, in Belfast.

Paul, now the Lord Bew, is an Old Brackenbrian.

At the BHA Dinner held at the School on Friday, 4th January, 1985, the Toast of the School was proposed by another Old Brackenbrian, the Honourable Mr Justice Hutton, who went on to become the Right Honourable Sir Brian Hutton, Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland; culminating in the House of Lords as the Lord Hutton, a Law Lord.

Lord Hutton attended the annual BHS dinner in 2011.

First published in December, 2011.

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