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Malin Hall


JAMES HARVEY, or HERVY, was presumably son of CAPTAIN GEORGE HARVEY, who had a confirmation of arms and grant of crest, 1602, for this confirmation was afterwards in his (James's) possession, and then in the possession of Robert, his fourth son, and was in the possession of George Miller Harvey, DL, of Malin Hall, a descendant.

James Harvey was a lessee under Lieutenant George Gale, of Dunmore, and his son, George Gale, of Dunmore.

His name is written "James Hervy" in a chancery bill dated 1673.

James Harvey died in 1667, having had issue, four sons,
David, of Dunmore;
John, of Imlick;
ROBERT, of whom we treat.
The fourth son of the above James Harvey or Hervy, of Dunmore,

ROBERT HARVEY, of Londonderry, a storekeeper during the siege of Londonderry, 1688, High Sheriff of that county, 1696, married and had issue,
JOHN, of whom hereafter;
Samuel, of Londonderry;
The elder son,

JOHN HARVEY, of Londonderry, married, in 1685, Martha Rankin, stepdaughter of Captain Michael Browning, of the merchant ship Mountjoy, and had issue,
He wedded secondly, Jane (d 1706), daughter of Richard Godsalve, of Rigmaden, Lancashire; and thirdly, in 1706, Elizabeth (d 1708), daughter of Alexander Lecky, Alderman and Mayor of Londonderry, High Sheriff, 1677.

Mr Harvey espoused fourthly, Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel Henry Hart, of Kilderry, Inishowen, by Anne his wife, daughter of Sir Tristram Beresford Bt, by whom he had (with other issue),
GEORGE, of whom presently;
Thomas (Rev).
He was succeeded by his eldest son,

GEORGE HARVEY (1713-73), High Sheriff of County Donegal, 1754, who acquired a considerable estate in the manor of Malin, Inishowen, and built Malin Hall.

Mr Harvey married, in 1740, his cousin, Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel George Hart, of Kilderry, and had issue,
JOHN, his heir;
George Hart, dsp;
Ludford (Sir), knighted 1813;
Mary Anne; Elizabeth; Mary Anne; Alice; Anne.
The eldest son,

THE REV JOHN HARVEY (1742-94), of Malin Hall, wedded, in 1766, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Young, of Culdaff, and had issue,
George, dsp;
George, dsp;
ROBERT, his heir;
Mary Anne.
The eldest surviving son,

ROBERT HARVEY (1770-1820), of Malin Hall, married, in 1801, Barbara Frances, eldest daughter of Robert Gage, of Rathlin Island, County Antrim, and had issue,
JOHN, his heir;
Mary; Marianne; Barbara; Susan; Catherine.
Mr Harvey was succeeded by his eldest son,

JOHN HARVEY JP DL (1802-68), of Malin Hall. High Sheriff of County Donegal, 1836, who espoused, in 1831, Emily, daughter of the Rev Dr George Miller, of Armagh, and had issue,
Robert (1833-55);
GEORGE MILLER, his heir.
The son and heir,

GEORGE MILLER HARVEY JP DL (1838-1919), of Malin Hall. High Sheriff of County Donegal, 1870, married, in 1864, Julia Mary, daughter of William Charles Gage, of Drummond House, County Londonderry, and had issue,
JOHN, his heir;
Mary Gage; Julia Emily.
Mr Harvey was succeeded by his son and heir,

JOHN HARVEY (1865-1940), of Malin Hall, who wedded, in 1895, Florita, eldest daughter of J Digby O’Donoghue, of Montevideo, and had issue,
Julia Mary, b 1896;
Emily Georgina, b 1898;
Dora (1903-68).

MALIN HALL, near Clonca, County Donegal, is a two-storey, early 18th century house of 1758 with a five-bay front, the door-case having pilasters and entablature.

The range to the rear has a curvilinear gable.

Malin Hall had been lived in continuously by the Harveys since they built it in 1758 until 1973, when it was sold by George Miller Harvey.

Ian Harvey, born in 1947, left agricultural college in 1966 and lived at Malin Hall, farming the 250 acre estate until its sale seven years later.

First published in August, 2012.


Anonymous said...

there are Harveys still in the area inc. Ros Harvey a very good artist. 'Malin' I believe is correctly pronounced 'Mawlin' but this has been superseded except among the oldest people.

r blair said...

hello again,
if correct, the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage lists and gives photos of a Malin Hall still intact which does not seem to tally with the account of it being burnt in 1920's. Perhaps it was rebuilt? If you google the above site and put in the search term malin hall you should come across the photos I refer to

raymond blair

r blair said...

Hello Tim
I checked with editor of donegal annual who lives quite near the area and is an expert on the region and he confirms that the malin hall pictured on the Heritage site is the harvey house - but it has been refurbished by a recent owner.
raymond blair

Ian Harvey said...

Malin Hall, built by the Harvey family in 1758 was never destroyed by fire [I think you are confusing it with Culdaff House some five or six miles away]. Malin Hall had been lived in continuously by the Harvey family and was sold to the present owner, by my father, George Miller Harvey, in 1973. I lived in the house and farmed the 250 acre estate for some years after I left Agricultural College and until it was sold.
I understand the present owner has carried out some alterations.

Ian Harvey, formerly of Malin Hall

Unknown said...

My great-grandfather, Kennedy Connor, was the factor at Malin Hall for several years before he emigrated to Canada with his wife and two children at the end of the 1890s. I have always wondered what motivated the family to leave at that time and am hoping to find a historian of the area who might help me understand the situation in Malin at that time.
I visited Malin Hall in 1999 and met the new owners who explained that any records remaining in the home when they bought it were water-damaged.

Unknown said...

I am a descendant of these specific Harveys, and my grandfather has been there many times. He has said the blue door was the original door, can anyone confirm that?

Su Burke said...

If any one wants photos from the 20's and thirties of all the Harveys en masse on the steps of Malin Hall I have albums full. They belonged to my grandmother Georgina Harvey sister to George, Molly,Dolly,Nora and Flora.
I'd happily scan copies.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my great grandfather Robert Dykes came from Malin. His father John Dykes was a tenent on the Harvey land. My dad told me that the Dykes family came over from Scotland with the Harvey family to live and work on the estate. I am trying to figure out when that might have happened. I have found Griffith's Valuation documents showing James Dykes was a tenent of John Harvey.
Can you give me any guidance?
Debbie Dykes Misiag
Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

My grandfather was Robert Dykes. I have a broken roof slate on which he carved his name and the date 1907. It also contains the name "Malin Hall". He emigrated to the US around 1910. My mother went to Ireland twice to visit relatives in and around Malin. I am named for her uncle Jerry and Debbie's grandfather Stuart.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather was Reginald Harvey. He had a huge dinner service which we were told came from Malin Hall, bearing the family crest and motto shown at the top of this page. He also had a painting of a middle aged lady in a mob cap, always known as 'Granny Donne'. We were told he 'rescued' it from Malin Hall and that she was a descendent of the poet John Donne and the Harvey family. We were told there was a sale of property from the Hall in early 20th century which caused some upset among the family. How true this is, I do not know.

Anonymous said...

My 1st cousin, 6 x removed was Jane McClintock who married her cousin, John Harvey, c 1680-1750. Jane's parents were William McClintock & Elizabeth Harvey of Dunmore.

The descendants of this marriage lived at Dunmore, Carrigans, Co. Donegal until the 1940's.

Can anyone confirm who John's parents were?

Many thanks, Sylvia McClintock Wright.

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie, just worked out that your great grandfather and my grandfather James, were brothers. Tara