Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Casa Manolo's

Last night I dined at a small, family-run establishment called Restaurante Casa Manolo.

It's located at Calle Crucero Baleares.

Avenida is closed on Mondays, hence a slightly further walk across Corralejo to Casa Manolo.

This is actually a charming little place. I was greeted cordially and a table just inside the restaurant was suggested.

The walls are adorned with souvenir plates and family items.

So far (!) I have been moderating my consumption of alcohol, so I ordered a pot of tea.

This was swiftly followed by crusty bread and alioli.

The waitress was eager to show me their specialities, and brought out a large baking-tray with fish they called dorada (sea bream?). 

Then another tray of individual cooked cordero (lamb) appeared.

I opted for the fish, which duly arrived with thinly sliced potatoes and a medley of local vegetables.

The dorada was good: delicate, mild, and easily digested. There were two fillets on the plate.

The ancient gnashers had an evening off!

This otherwise fine repast was marred, I felt, by an abundance of an oily sea of stock or liquid, which might have been a mixture of olive oil and butter.

Tip One: Do not wear your best shirt!

Nevertheless, it was a well executed dish and the dorada was the main feature.

On settling my bill of about €17, I was offered a local liqueur which was reminiscent of Irish Cream; and a chocolate!

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