Saturday, 27 December 2014

Lock's Travel Trilby

Some time ago I watched an old episode of Poirot, entitled Murder In Mesopotamia.

That celebrated sleuth's faithful companion, Captain Arthur Hastings OBE, wore a rather fine, sand-coloured, type of fedora or trilby hat.

Now I've a confession to make: I possess a considerable of hats, including three fedoras and trilbys.

Four of my hats are made by James Lock & Company, of St James's, London.

Are any readers remotely interested in my hat collection?

After viewing the Poirot episode, I had a rummage though the drawer and unearthed one of them, a medium brim, lightweight, soft, foldable, travel felt trilby.

It is called The Voyager.

They thoughtfully supplied the hat in a white travel tube, alas impractical for my compact hand luggage:

Turn the brim down, push out the crown shape to form a dome; softly, fold your hat convex and concave; roll your hat up; put it in the travel tube, brim uppermost; on arrival at your destination always unfold your hat, then reshape the crown and brim.
 First published in March, 2013.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any photographs of the other hats? I noticed your new self-photo and I'm particularly interested in your tie. Is is woollen? Very tasteful!

Timothy Belmont said...

I could photograph a few others; I have many!

The tie was my father's: It's Woollen & "four-way".

Most versatile.

Anonymous said...

Pleas photograph a few more hats! I'm very fond of hats.