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The Osborne Baronets


This family claims to be an elder branch of the house of OSBORNE, from which the DUKES OF LEEDS descended.

The Osbornes of Newtown Anner first settled in Ireland in 1558, and were raised to the degree of baronets in the person of 

SIR RICHARD OSBORNE (1593-1667), of Ballintaylor, and of Ballylemon, in County Waterford, in 1629, having been appointed by JAMES I, in 1616, with Henry Osborne, Clerk of The King's Courts, and prothonotary within the city and county of Limerick; and in Tipperary, Clerk of the Crown and Peace, and Clerk of the Assizes in the said counties.

During the Civil Wars, taking the side of the usurper Cromwell, he was attacked in his castle of Knockmoan, by the Earl of Castlehaven, in 1645, and compelled to surrender at discretion.

Sir Richard, MP for Waterford County, 1639-49, 1661-66, was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR RICHARD OSBORNE, 2nd Baronet (1618-85), High Sheriff of County Waterford, 1671, MP for Dungarvan, 1639-48, who wedded Elizabeth Carew, and had issue,
JOHN, his successor;
Richard (c1662-1713);
Grace; Elizabeth; Anne.
Sir Richard was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR JOHN OSBORNE (c1645-1713), 3rd Baronet, who wedded, in 1699, Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Thomas Walsingham, and granddaughter, maternally, of Theophilus, 2nd Earl of Suffolk; but dying without issue in 1713, the title devolved upon his kinsman,

SIR THOMAS OSBORNE(1639-1715), (grandson of 1st Baronet, through his 2nd son, Nicholas Osborne), 5th Baronet, who married twice.

By his first wife, Katherine Butler, he had issue,
Nicholas, who predeceased him; father of NICHOLAS.
Sir Thomas wedded secondly, in 1704, Anne, youngest daughter of Beverley Usher, but by that lady had no issue.

He died was succeeded by his grandson,

SIR NICHOLAS OSBORNE (1685-1719), 6th Baronet, who married Mary, daughter of the Rt Rev Dr Thomas Smith, Lord Bishop of Limerick.

Dying in 1718 without male issue, the title devolved upon his brother,

SIR JOHN OSBORNE, 7th Baronet (1697-1743), Barrister, MP for Lismore, 1719-27, County Waterford, 1727-43, who wedded Editha, only daughter of William Proby MP, sometime governor of Fort St George, in the East Indies, by whom he had six sons and four daughters.

Sir John was succeeded by his eldest son, 

THE RT HON SIR WILLIAM OSBORNE, 8th Baronet (1722-83), MP for Carysfort, 1761-83, Dungarvan, 1768-83, who married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of of Thomas Christmas, of Whitfield, County Waterford, and had issue,
THOMAS, his successor;
Charles, a judge;
HENRY, succeeded his brother;
Sir William died in 1783, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

SIR THOMAS OSBORNE (1757-1821), 9th Baronet, MP for Carysfort, 1776-97, who espoused Catherine Rebecca, daughter of Major Robert Smith.
The heir apparent is the present holder's eldest son George Gideon Oliver Osborne (b 1971). The heir apparent's heir apparent is his only son Luke Benedict Osborne. 
Ralph B Osborne owned 942 acres in County Tipperary; and her cousin, Sir Charles Stanley Osborne, 13th Baronet, of Beechwood Park, Nenagh, owned 940 acres in County Tipperary.

Sir Peter George Osborne, 17th and present Baronet (b 1943) co-founded the wallpaper company, Osborne & Little.

The Rt Hon George Gideon Oliver Osborne CH, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 2010-16, First Secretary of State, 2015-16, is heir apparent to the baronetcy.

NEWTOWN ANNER HOUSE (above), near Clonmel, County Tipperary, is a two-storey late-Georgian house with a nine-bay front, the three outer bays breaking forwards and elevated an extra storey above the centre block.

Newtown Anner was formerly a seat of the Osborne Baronets; as was Beechwood Park in County Tipperary.

The doorway has engaged columns and a large semi-circular fanlight over the door and side-lights; with a curved two-storey bow at the side.

The Osbornes purchased the Newtown Anner estate from Clonmel Corporation in 1774, though the present house dates from 1829.

Newtown Anner passed eventually to the 12th Duke of St Albans, grandson of Ralph and Catherine Bernal (nee Osborne).

It was occupied by the Duchess of St Albans in 1906 and was still in that family's possession in the early 1940s.

It is now thought to be the home of Nigel Cathcart.

First published in October, 2011.

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I can't find anything about who the father of Richard Osborne b. 1593, 1st baronet of Waterford, Tippery, Ireland is. They went to Ireland about 1558, but where exactly in England did they come from? Kay Osborne.