Thursday, 27 August 2015

Portstewart Revisited

It's a mere hop, skip and jump by car from Portballintrae in County Antrim to Portstewart in County Londonderry.

Portstewart is, perhaps, the slightly more sedate neighbour of Portrush, a mile or two along the Causeway Coast.

I parked on the Promenade and proceeded to walk to the main beach, viz. Portstewart Strand, a property of the National Trust.

En route, I passed the site (top) of the Strand Hotel.

Do any readers possess photographs of the Strand Hotel, by the way?

The site is directly opposite the golf links. The hotel was demolished about 1991, I gather.

My parents stayed there in 1958; and We Three stayed there six years later, in 1964, when I was four.

The original steps down to the beach remain, however.

Across the beach is Harry's Shack, a new beach restaurant which has become very well established.

The ecological roof is notable.

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Dave Down Under said...

I remember the Strand in its last year or so of operation before it was demolished. When I lived in Portstewart, the O'Malley family's Edgewater Hotel was the watering hole of choice. Happy memories of long summer evenings by the picture windows in the main lounge watching the sun set over the Foyle Estuary & Donegal. And mine host Eamon O'Malley doing the rounds of the tables.