Thursday, 21 July 2016

Green Island

Braddock Island

Today was another fine summer's day in County Down.

I motored down to Killinchy, turned left at Balloo House, and travelled over the drumlins to Strangford Lough Yacht Club at Whiterock.

There were about ten of us today - National Trust volunteers - and we were going to Green Island and Inisharoan Island.

Half of us, including myself, spent some time on Green Island, not far from Ringhaddy.

There is another Green Island closer to Killyleagh.

We embarked at the jetty at Whiterock and motored past Braddock Island, where the Andrews' have a holiday home. St Patrick's Flag flew proudly.

Sir Dennis Faulkner, CBE, brother of the Lord Faulkner of Downpatrick (Brian Faulkner, last Prime Minister of Northern Ireland) lives near by at Ringhaddy.

Sir William Hastings, CBE, and Lady Hastings also live near by, on Simmy Island.

Green Island is very small, probably about fifteen acres, with a hill at the top.

On the eastern side, opposite Great Minnis's Island, there is - or was - a pond.

It had become totally overgrown, so our task was to commence digging it out in preparation for livestock.

The entire island is overwhelmed with thick grass and undergrowth, so cattle are required to control the growth.

I lunched most contentedly on home-made chicken and stuffing sandwiches, with redcurrant jelly, on buttered wholemeal bread.

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