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Warren's Court


This family was anciently settled in Cornwall.

ROBERT WARREN, of Kinneigh, in the barony of East Carbery, County Cork, an officer in WILLIAM III's army during the Revolution, was father of

WALLIS WARREN, of Kilbarry (Warren's Court by purchase), who married, in 1684, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Knowlles, and had issue (with two daughters), two sons, of whom the elder,

ROBERT WARREN, of Warrenscourt House,, County Cork, wedded Anne, sister of William Crooke, of Muskerry, and had issue,
ROBERT, his heir;
Elizabeth; Alice.
Mr Warren died in 1743, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

ROBERT WARREN JP (1723-1811), of Warrensourt and Crookstown, County Cork, High Sheriff of County Cork, 1752, who espoused firstly, in 1748, Mary, daughter of Augustus Carey (or Carré), and had issue,
Thomas (Rev), great-grandfather the of 8th Baronet;
Edward Webber;
He married secondly, in 1780, Elizabeth, daughter of John Lawton, and had further issue,
Richard Benson;
Alice Augusta.
Mr Warren was created a baronet in 1784, designated of Warren's Court, County Cork.

Sir Robert was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR AUGUSTUS LOUIS CARRÉ WARREN, 2nd Baronet (1754-1821), High Sheriff of County Cork, 1796, MP for Cork City, 1783-90, who wedded, in 1778, Mary, third daughter of James Bernard, of Castle Bernard, County Cork, and sister of Francis, Earl of Bandon, and had issue,
AUGUSTUS, his successor;
JOHN BORLASE, 4th Baronet;
Esther; Charlotte.
Sir Augustus was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR AUGUSTUS WARREN, 3rd Baronet (1791-1863), High Sheriff of County Cork, 1819, Colonel, Cork Militia, who died unmarried, when the title passed to his next brother,

SIR JOHN BORLASE WARREN, 4th Baronet (1800-63), who espoused, in 1823, Mary, daughter of Robert Warren, and had issue,
John Borlase, Vice-Admiral;
Elizabeth; Margaret; Charlotte; Esther; Rose Catherine; Frances Augusta; Mary.
Sir John was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR AUGUSTUS RIVERSDALE WARREN, 5th Baronet (1833-1914), JP DL, of Warren's Court, High Sheriff of County Cork, 1867, who married, in 1864, Georgina Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev John Blennerhassett, and had issue, an only child,

SIR AUGUSTUS RIVERSDALE JOHN BLENNERHASSETT WARREN, 6th Baronet (1865-1914), JP, Lieutenant, 3rd Royal Munster Fusiliers, who wedded, in 1898, Agnes Georgina Ievers, and had issue, an only child,

SIR AUGUSTUS GEORGE DIGBY WARREN, 7th Baronet (1898-1958), MBE, Major, 17th/21st Lancers, who died unmarried, when the title passed to his distant cousin,

SIR THOMAS RICHARD PENNEFATHER WARREN, 8th Baronet (1885-1961), CBE DL, Chief Constable of Buckinghamshire, 1928-53.
Sir (Brian) Charles Pennefather Warren, 9th Baronet (1923–2006).
Sir Philip Digby Somerville-Warren, presumed 10th baronet (b 1948).
The presumed heir of the presumed 10th baronet is his cousin, Robert Augustus Michael Mary Warren (b 1948).

The heir apparent of the presumed heir is his eldest son, Dominic Charles Augustus Warren (b 1979).

WARREN'S COURT, near Lissarda, County Cork, was a two-storey Georgian house, with a six-bay pedimented front and single-storey Ionic portico.

It had urns at each corner of the roof-line and an eagle stood at the top of the pediment.

The side elevations extended to four bays.

The mansion was surrounded by a fine demesne with lakes.

There were said to be forty rooms, thirty outhouses, and buildings which encompassed seven stables, six cow houses and numerous other animal houses.

Warrnen's Court was requisitioned by the (British) army during the Irish war of independence.

Lady Warren and Sam Hunter the estate steward opposed it on the grounds that the local battalion would destroy the house.

This was proven to be correct when, after a column of soldiers were spotted on the estate, Warren's Court was burnt to the ground on the 17th June, 1921.

Sir Augustus Digby, 7th Baronet, who by this time was living in India, never returned to Ireland.

He sold the estate to its present owners’ descendants about 1922, thereby ending an association of two centuries between the Warren family and Cork.

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