Saturday, 12 January 2019

Le Croque Monsieur

The television happened to be turned on to the BBC show Eggheads recently, and Judith Keppel made a remark about the classic French sandwich, Croque Monsieur.

Now I have never tasted one, and if I ever did it must have been donkey's years ago.

As a consequence of the Keppel Factor I decided to acquire some thinly sliced cooked ham, Gruyère cheese, and white sliced bread.

My method is to spread one slice of bread thinly with Dijon mustard, trim the cheese slice to fit and put on top.

The ham slices are trimmed, too, and placed atop the cheese.

This is topped with the remaining slice of bread and put on a baking sheet.

Brush one side lightly with melted butter and toast in the oven at 230ºC for about five minutes or till lightly browned.

Turn the sandwich over and brush the other side with melted butter, and toast for a further three minutes.

Cut it in half and serve hot, wrapped in a small paper napkin.

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