Sunday, 3 November 2019

Cave Bovem!

I was walking recently in a country estate, through woodland, and encountered an obstacle en route, viz. a company of archers practicing their sport.

One of the archers advised me to divert my course lest I had a suit of armour, to my amusement.

Accordingly I took a left turn into a large, open field

A little further on I encountered a herd of cattle in the distance.

Pausing and cogitating, I deemed it best to alert them to my presence so I clapped and whistled.

This only seemed to arouse their curiosity, and the leader of the pack came towards me.

The rest followed.

I decided to retreat, though they continued their pursuit.

As I quickened my pace, they matched my pace.

I darted into the woods, though a small gap where there was a holly bush, thinking they stop following me.

To my horror they chased me.

These cows must have thought instinctively that I was their feeder, though the experience was quite alarming.

Eventually the leader simply passed me by, and the rest followed.

An acquaintance related his worst experience with a bull.

He was shooting with a friend  at a marsh in County Down and, as they walked down a field the bull ran up and down the hedge trumpeting.

They quickened their pace,  but to their horror saw it break through the hedge above them.

My acquaintance used to be pretty nifty and took off for the river, running into the marsh, intending to run into it.

As he did so, he was stunned to see his companion - a quite unathletic chap, fly past him.

He threw a brand new £4,000 gun (now about £15,000) over the river and made a fantastic leap of over 14 feet over it.

The steer thankfully skidded to a halt at the river's edge.

The companion tried to replicate the jump on dry land, and the best he could leap in his shooting gear was 8-9 feet. 

Fear had obviously lent him wings.

The gun fortunately just fell in the mud.

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