Monday, 23 March 2020

5BX Exercises

I consider myself fairly fit and able-bodied.

Until Saturday, the 21st March, I swam about one mile daily, six times a week.

I also kept physically fit in the gym twice weekly.

While I was on holiday abroad recently I walked briskly every day for, on average, about six or seven miles.

Given the extraordinary and exceptional circumstances in which we find ourselves at the moment, the intention is to follow the Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX exercise regime which was conceived about 1959.

The trusty bike had been neglected in a garden shed for far too long; in fact it had a flat tyre.

So, having acquired a new inner tube, and fitted it, I've been using the trusty two-wheeler more often.

Fortunately I am not far from shops and supermarkets, so this could prove to be a useful means of transport.

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Anonymous said...

RE school PE, the programme of La Sierra High School (California) from 1962 is well worth investigating. There is a good clip on YouTube here - VC