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MOY, a post and market town in the quoad sacra parish of Moy, barony of Dungannon, County Tyrone.

It stands on the eastern verge of the county, on the River Blackwater, and on the road from Armagh to Coleraine, immediately adjacent to Charlemont.

It is 2¼ miles north-north-east of Benburb, 3¼ north-west of Loughgall, 4¾ south-south-east of Dungannon, and 5½ north-west of Armagh.

It forms strictly one town with Charlemont, being separated from it only by the Blackwater, and communicating with it by a good stone bridge; but, in consequence of being in a different county, it possesses separate statistics, and is always politically treated as a different town.

Adjacent to it, in the north, is the demesne of ROXBOROUGH CASTLE; and in the comparatively near vicinity are the seats of Grange, Rhone Hill, Derrygally, Ardress, Argory, and CHURCH HILL - the last the handsome residence of Colonel Verner.

The country immediately around Moy is flat and naturally tame, but has been worked by cultivation and arboricultural improvement into a charming condition.

Moy is a larger and much more important place than Charlemont, and conducts a little trade in corn, timber, coal, slate, and other articles, commanding the navigation of the Blackwater by barges of considerable burden, and communicating facilely with the east end of the Ulster Canal, the whole of the brief canal to the Tyrone coalfield, and all the inland navigations of the eastern division of Ulster.

The weaving of linen employs a fair proportion of the inhabitants; and the bleaching of linen is carried on, in the neighbourhood, in several large bleach-greens.

A fair is held on the first Friday of every month.

A court of petty sessions is held on every alternate Monday.

Area of the town, 43 acres.

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