Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gatwick Train Booking

I was browsing through the December issue of Which?, the consumer magazine, the other day and one thing caught my eye: online made-to-measure shirts by Marks and Spencer. This could, potentially, be a most useful service for me. Without delving into my vital statistics on LBNI, a hand-made shirt at a reasonable price seems attractive; particularly the various options available. They claim to beat Savile Row for relative quality and value. I'll wait until the New Year to order one.

I have booked my return rail ticket today, from Gatwick Airport to London's Victoria Railway Station. Their online booking service has advantages such as being able to walk straight to the train from the airport with one's ticket, without the rigmarole of queueing for a ticket, finding the ticket-desk etc. A return ticket costs £21.80.

My Oyster Card has £7.70 of credit; I think I'll add twenty pounds to it at Goodge Street Station.

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Cadiz said...

"A return ticket costs £21.80."

I can remember getting to the Soviet far east from Budapest for just under thirty.

I also had a season ticket, monthly to Peterborough/London for 47 Quid. Or maybe it was weekly,it was like for nothing. It was like a card version of a school dinner ticket.

Your train thing was a shirt thing, you are in line for a job with the Herald Tribune, I just know the article is never about what it sas on top.