Wednesday, 3 December 2008

New Carpet Fitting

We had the new carpet fitted yesterday afternoon. It actually took them longer than I imagined: three hours. We're pleased with it. The modern underlay seems to be more spongy than the old stuff; whether it is any superior, I have no idea. Perhaps it's made in China!

The new carpet was certainly not made in China: it originated from Kidderminster in Worcestershire. I am amused that so many tradesmen leave their tools at customers' homes when they head off. This time he left a tape measure, although there was an ASDA sticker thereon! The plumber left us a wrench and screwdriver (which are both still sitting on the shelf in our garage).

Predictably, we have a fair bit of surplus carpet to discard up in the loft. They suggested that the largest piece could be turned in to a sort of rug, for the hall. We're undecided about that.

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