Saturday, 13 December 2008

Switch The Blasted Thing Off!

Not long ago, the Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green, Miss Lynne Featherstone, heard strange and alarming noises emanating from her boiler; so disquieting, in fact, that she lifted the phone and dialled 999 for the Fire Brigade.

I think I'd have turned the confounded thing off. Why did she have it on in the middle of the night anyway? Let us all hope that Miss Featherstone has put this incident down to experience; and knows what to do in future.


Mark Pack said...

If I'd found my home shaking thanks to the boiler I think I would have run and called 999 too. Looks like this is what the Fire Brigade said is the right thing to do:

I'm happy to trust their judgement. If they say it was right to call 999, then that's what I'll do in future if something similar happens to me.

Culture Shock said...

At least she had a tangible thing going on and she called. What about all those toddlers who accidentally make calls to 999? Over the years? How many lines are engaged because of their wayward little fingers? I am guilty, my toddlers did it twice. I am thankful they called back to actually check that everything is Ok.

This is a perk of living in a civilised country. And I am happy to pay their salaries out of my hard earned cash, for them to be there in time of need or so-perceived need.

Have a nice day,


Cadiz said...

I was in a hotel in Beirut when a tank shell hit the ice-making machine, I didn't call 999,

I looked into the courtyard and watched an east German, 'cameraman', loading a Soviet anti-tank weapon, it's what Krauts do when they are unsettled, they adjust for range

I had a cup of tea.