Monday, 22 December 2008

Gucci Socialism?

I read this interesting article - online - in the Daily Mail this morning about the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, the Right Honourable Shaun Woodward, MP. It would appear that Mr Woodward lives in some style, not to say grandeur. You'd be forgiven for mistaking him as a Conservative politician if you had read about Mr Woodward's wealth and property. His official residence in Ulster is Hillsborough Castle, a rambling Georgian mansion in County Down.

Don't be deceived. The Secretary of State was formerly a loyal member of the Conservatives until 2001. Indeed, Mr Woodward won Douglas - now Lord - Hurd's parliamentary seat in the 1997 general election.

Can he really be a socialist? Expediency apparently knows no bounds.


theeAdversary said...

Since when have New Labour been socialist?

Timothy Belmont said...

That's a good enough point: it's the very question I've been pondering myself.

theeAdversary said...

Now if it had been old Neil... :)