Thursday, 11 December 2008

Harris Tweed Bargain

I was meeting up with an old colleague at the Mermaid Tavern, in Wilson's Court, Belfast, today; so I ventured into Town a bit earlier in order to have a look at Best Vintage in Wellington Place. I wanted to see the Levi corduroy jeans; however, a little Harris Tweed jacket - on a tailor's dummy - caught my eye as I entered the shop. It was basically light grey with a herring-bone pattern; three-button fronted; and looked as if it could well fit self. It fitted me like a glove and they sold it to me for a twenty pound note.

I strolled around the corner and in to Queen Street, where I walked up the stairs and in to Café Renoir for a snack: one of their "gourmet toasties" and a pot of tea. I must say there was quite an agreeable sort of crowd lunching there. No rowdy types at any rate.

I met Tim at 12.45 and we enjoyed a modest drink or two.


Cadiz said...

How old is the Mermaid bar? 20 quid is ok for a jacket.

Cafe Renoir was were I was told that I would never work in television again, that suited me, picking up litter, at least has self-respect attached to it.

It was quite a pleasant career end, I love, strong coffee and sweet stuff.

I did a used car advert in Oregon two weeks later, and it was better than half of the BBC drama we have today, it was a negative sell, they rarely do that in the states,

you want a X, are you sure?

A pensive sell, they don't do negative,

Timothy Belmont said...

I must ask the publican about the Mermaid's history.
I know that the building contains fragments of what may be Belfast's oldest surviving domestic structure.
In 1860 it was known as the Rainbow Hotel and Tavern.