Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Humble Chip Pan

God knows how long it is since we last used the old chip pan. It has been a demi-permanent fixture in the pot drawer for many months. I simply cannot be bothered making home-made chips or onion-rings nowadays, despite the fact that mine are invariably superior to shop-bought ones. I may give it an airing on Christmas Day in order to deep-fry the spuds (I cheat on making roasties).

For home-made chips, I use Heston Blementhal's ultimate chip method. This makes sublime chips, but it has no short-cuts and, if you are lazy, it is a non-starter. No. We now buy oven chips instead.

Consequently, and cognizant of this, the old chip pan lies forgotten and tucked away. The Authorities' latest advice, should you suffer a chip-pan fire, is not to cover the pan with a damp tea-towel: Get out; stay out; and phone 999! So they say, at any rate. Let us hope that the need never arises.

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grannymar said...

If you have a chip pan fire or any fire while cooking sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the flames and it will put it out without damage to cooker or surfaces.