Monday, 8 December 2008

GOC Northern Ireland Replacement

I've just heard that Northern Ireland shan't have a general officer commanding (GOC) in future. The Army has been re-organizing its structure here, since the end of Operation Banner. We have had a GOC since 1921.

The last GOC Northern Ireland, Major-General Chris Brown, CBE (2 star rank), will be leaving the Province for Iraq; and, from the 1st January, 2009, he shall be replaced by Brigadier George Norton, CBE (1 star rank).

Brigadier Norton will command about 5,000 personnel in Ulster, known as 38 (Irish) Brigade which shall be under the 2nd Division, based in Edinburgh.

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Rod said...

I feel sure he will be missed by
his colleagues and many friends won
during his and his wife Leigh's stay in Ireland....I met them very briefly at a soiree in Dublin held by well renowned social mover and shaker, and part time pint drinker,
yeah, you got it,originally from Kilkenny, Paul Smithwick. The chat was so intense there was just enough time for a song from budding basso profundo Paul himself!!!

The couple came across as a great
advertisement for the new NI.