Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Task On A Cold, Winter's Day

It's hard to motivate oneself to perform certain chores at any time; so the annual ritual of buying Christmas cards, checking postage stamps, changes of address et al had to be undertaken. I decided that today was as good a day as any.

I bought a pack of cards from the RSPB shop at Belvoir Forest Park several weeks ago. We still have a substantial collection of old stamps; the Dowager used to collect stamps and I have been advised that most of them are, literally, of nominal value; i.e. face value! So I'm gradually working my way through them, including ½ pence stamps, endeavouring to find the right values to make up 27p.

My Christmas List is now on my computer, so I can print the names and addresses on to Inkjet Addressing Labels in a minute. It's all in the database, as Auntie Beeb keeps reminding us.

So that's it all done, for another year. I haven't signed them yet, because I wish to use my Onoto fountain pen which is on its way back to me from Worcestershire, having been repaired again.

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