Friday, 19 December 2008

New Belfast Hotel

The latest addition to a seemingly endless line of new hotels in Belfast has just opened: the Rezidor Park Inn. It is located just off Bedford Street, in Clarence Street I think. Frankly, I this is the first time I've heard of the Rezidor Group at all; however, it is part of a chain.

That's another 145 bedrooms for Belfast. I have just learned that its address is 4, Clarence Street West. Stanley Harvey and Company used to be at this site and, I believe, they were the principal dealers for Rolls-Royce cars in Northern Ireland up until the 1970s.

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Cadiz said...

They're part of the Radisson rouping maybe, they have one in Kaliningrad, one has to be keen to find out where one left that spare panzerfaust to go there. They're in Business to be in businness, Bratislava, some of their stuff is good. You's probably like their Countyry Inn (?) because one likes a proper armchair, doesn't one.

'Originally named Königsberg, the Prussian and German town had been founded in 1255, and was then largely destroyed during World War II. Its ruins were occupied by the Soviet Army in 1945 and it was renamed Kaliningrad in 1946. In the meantime, the name was briefly Russified as Kyonigsberg'