Sunday, 7 December 2008

Like Really Crispy Bacon?

Most of us love the taste and aroma of bacon. Give me streaky or back and I'll be quite happy. I do prefer it smoked, though that's not essential. I prefer streaky rashers to be very crispy too.

My current favourite rasher is produced by Sainsbury's; I find it crisps up very well indeed. It's called Sainsbury's Streaky Bacon; 12 smoked rashers; cured prime British pork, naturally smoked, they claim. The packet always has the Food Standards Assured logo with the little red tractor and Union Jack.

My method for crispy bacon has never failed me yet:

  • Place requisite number of rashers on to Pyrex plate (or directly on to microwave plate).
  • Place kitchen towels on top.
  • Cook on high setting for 1½ minutes per rasher.
  • Remove from microwave oven and dry on a kitchen towel.
  • Hey presto! Eat it with fresh, buttered toast and honey; or even an Ulster Fry.

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