Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Airport Face-Lift

Aldergrove Airport, which now calls itself Belfast International, is spending ten million pounds on major renovations.

That is welcome news, if it facilitates and improves passenger movement.

I do wish that the NI Government would hurry up and get a move on with a railway connection directly to the airport terminus, though. I am in no doubt that car park operators, including the airport itself, would strenuously resist such a proposal. That's too bad; it is in the interest of travellers that we have a rail connection.


Chekov said...

The shop / cash machines etc. before security are currently out of commission. Perhaps that's to do with the work? The international is, to my mind, a better airport than the GB City.

Timothy Belmont said...

The City Airport is handier for me, though! I can cycle to it, depending on how much hand luggage I have.
I hate their profiteering by charging surcharges for taking a taxi from the terminus. Do they do that at Aldergrove? I invariably get the Airbus nowadays.


Chekov said...

No on the taxis. Personally I find the Airbus a bit of a rip off. Depending on the length of trip pre-booking the long stay car-park can frequently work out cheaper.