Saturday, 23 May 2009

Coffee And A Cinnamon!

We're just back from the Bay Tree coffee-house in Holywood, County Down. I managed to squeeze the two-seater through the narrow entry, to the car-park at the rear. It's a close shave, isn't it? I always drive at a snail's pace, continually keeping an eye on the side mirrors; and there are literally inches to spare.

We all enjoyed the usual order of two regular coffees, two cappuccinos and three cinnamon scones. The lunch menu looked particularly attractive today: it contained about eight items, including the signature haddock and champ.

We haven't been disappointed here yet. The Bay Tree simply thrives; deservedly so, too. They all work hard to serve their patrons.

The Bay Tree is evergreen!


Owen Polley said...

There cinnamon scones are first rate. Much nicer than Café Kina for instance.

On a slightly related note, the Continental Market is at the city hall this weekend. I always enjoy a hogroast baguette or some tartiflette.

Timothy Belmont said...

You are deliberately making me drool, Chekov! That food sounds delicious.

The BT has the cinnamon scones off to a fine art; it's a wonder they haven't got 'em patented! Someone told me their inspiration came from a Canadian recipe; sounds plausible...