Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Belfast Visit

I'm just back from a brief sortie into Town. I managed to get a space in Upper Arthur Street, so I made for Ross's auction-house. Lo and Behold! The first floor sale-room will be open for business next Wednesday, according to a porter.

my main purpose was to pay another visit to the splendid Linen Hall Library. I'm researching the Weir family of stockbrokers whose residence was Killynether House, near Newtownards in County Down. Apparently Miss Weir bequeathed two paintings to the Library when she died; so I had a word with the Librarian, John Killen. He checked some documentation and it all drew a blank, disappointingly. Still, he said he'd have another exploration when he had the time. Mr Killen apprised me that Eileen Black of the museum had assessed their paintings and, had there been any Laverys - Sir John Lavery - they'd have known about it.

I later made for Marks and Spencer, bought a few groceries including baby Jersey Royal potatoes; and, upstairs, a new navy blue striped shirt.

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