Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Smart Arrival Imminent

I received a call from the car dealership this morning to apprise me of the new baby two-seater's arrival. They've issued me with a registration number; I've phoned my insurer to arrange for a certificate to be sent; and I expect to collect the new car on Friday.

I haven't forgotten to remove the current car tax disc, the chrome locking wheel nuts and some other paraphernalia from my present car. The car tax office shall be my first port-o'-call, in order to re-claim four months' car tax and notify them of the older car's change of ownership.


belfast cabby said...

Good luck with the new car always wanted to have a spin in one of those.

Timothy Belmont said...

I posted a test-drive last year I think. I'll maybe post a test-drive review myself in a week or two. The present car is quarter full - almost in red! I'm loath to put any more fuel in it. A pint'll suffice!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck! i picked mine up yesterday from same dealer, passion 71bhp mhd. i suppose a bunch of smarts arrived all packed together like a half dozen eggs! keen to hear your ownership thoughts.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks. I haven't taken delivery of mine yet because they're awaiting the Chrome Pack I ordered 3 months ago with the car!

I wanted my 84bhp with MHD; unfortunately it's unavailable at present.