Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Hippodrome

I wasn't aware that the Grand Opera House, Belfast, had another restaurant on the top floor of the carbuncle extension: The Hippodrome Restaurant. I knew about their Luciano's cafeteria on the ground floor and assumed that it was the theatre's sole restaurant. Is the Hippodrome new? Has anyone tried it yet?

They've taken the name from the Royal Hippodrome theatre which stood on the site of the Carbuncle in 1907; the Fitzwilliam Hotel and the Carbuncle occupy the site of the old theatre.


Leslie said...

Most confusing!! The upstairs restaurant used to be called Luciano's!! I have eaten in it several times pre-show. Food was always excellent with attentive, pleasant staff. The main benefit being that your table was reserved for you all evening - you were able to have your dessert during the interval if you wished and return to your table post-performance to enjoy drinks.

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed, Leslie, if you visit their website the Hippodrome restaurant is upstairs and Luciano's café on the ground floor.