Friday, 1 May 2009

HMS Pinafore

The Carl Rosa Opera Company has produced another splendid show again, one in a glorious line of Gilbert and Sullivan light operas. I enjoyed a fine production of HMS Pinafore at the Grand Opera House in Belfast this evening.

Prior to the show I ambled in to the brand new Fitzwilliam Hotel, which sits beside the opera house. I wished to see what the lounge bar looked like. Thence I turned on my heels and made for the usual haunt for a modest aperitif, the piano lounge bar on the first floor of the Europa Hotel; I find the ambiance there tolerably congenial.

Ten minutes before curtain-up I crossed Glengall Street and darkened the threshold of the Grande Dame of Great Victoria Street, the main entrance of which is now at the carbuncle extension.

The auditorium seemed to be full enough, though the circle and gallery slips were empty; three boxes were vacant too. I thought the props, costumes and cast were all very good indeed. The star of the show, John Savident - the erstwhile butcher on Coronation Street - played the comic baritone in a most accomplished fashion as the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Porter, KCB, First Lord of the Admiralty.

I remained in my seat during the interval and read The Inimitable Jeeves. The performance didn't last too long and I arrived home shortly after five past ten.


Anonymous said...

Being a BHS old boy you will no doubt recall the school's penchant for staging G&S musicals such as HMS Pinafore and the Mikado. All I can say is thank god these all happened in the days before digital media and the likes of YouTube - the sight of small boys massacring these shows is thankfully just a memory!

Timothy Belmont said...

I vaguely recall plays; I played a minor role as Mr Square in some play or other once!

Brackenber was a wonderful school. I formed a club, either Corgi toys or Famous five, something like that with other pals like Jackson, Hastings etc