Wednesday, 27 May 2009

No Royal Warrant

I've been looking at tonic-water in the supermarkets. I usually buy their own-label stuff, which is tolerably acceptable at a fraction of the price of proprietary brands, viz. Schweppes.

Schweppes in Great Britain appears to be part of the Coca-Cola Company and holds a royal warrant. Accordingly, whether you are on a flight; in a bar or hotel; or simply at home, in the Mainland Schweppes products proudly display their royal warrant with Her Majesty's coat-of-arms.

Not so in Northern Ireland. And why would this be? A company called Coca-Cola Bottlers (Ulster) Limited "acquired the rights to bottle, market and sell Schweppes products in 1991". This is under license, so this would seem to be the reason why the royal warrant is omitted.

Even the miniature cans of Schweppes tonic-water sold in Northern Ireland don't display the royal warrant. I shall continue to buy supermarket own-label tonic-water! The curious fact is that some establishments in the Province sell Schweppes tonic-water in little bottles which display the warrant; which indicates, presumably, that they are supplied from the Mainland.


John Ferris said...

Come on Tim, try out the Fever Tree tonic I mentioned, it's expensive but worth it.

Timothy Belmont said...

I noticed it on the shelf beside the Schweppes stuff yesterday, John. Every time I view it I think of you!
I must splash out on a few bottles; I wish they'd send a year's supply which would be even better! :-)