Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Pauper Of Shaves

I started using the new Azor razor by King of Shaves a few days ago and took an instant dislike to it. In fact I used it once, then put it back in its packing and stuffed it into a drawer to gather dust! Another one bites the proverbial dust.

Quite frankly, I've had better disposable razors than the Azor. It feels cheap, plastic, light-weight, utterly disposable; but, more to the point, the blades themselves were poor and rough. I could elaborate more fully, but enough said.

I'm using the stalwart Gillette Mach Three again. As I said before, the Fusion is probably the best though it is expensive. I think the Mach Three represents comparatively good value for money.

The Azor, therefore, has been unsuccessful in achieving the Belmont Warrant!


Will King said...

hi, obviously disappointed you didn't get on with our Azor, i'd genuinely like to find out more, refund your P&P and see if we might tempt you with one of our development azors...drop me an email will at shave dot com if you wish, and i'll see what i can do. best, will

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello Will,

Many thanks for that, and for your interest in my blog!

Could you drop me an email via the "contact me" section, on the left, please?