Thursday, 7 May 2009

Foreign Lottery Scam

I noticed a letter addressed to the Dowager this afternoon, in an ordinary white A4 size envelope, post-marked in Belfast with a 2nd-class blue postage stamp.

I'm particularly protective of the Dowager and, quite rightly as it turned out, opened the letter. Inside there was one, A4 letter entitled "Euromillion Lottery Premitiva S.A." and the address claimed to be in Madrid.

This letter was from "Kelly Royce, President" and was a "winning notification". They urged the recipient to contact them.

These sorts of fraudulent scams are nothing short of despicable, especially for those of a vulnerable nature. The criminal gangs which do this sort of thing should be apprehended immediately and dealt with in the most severe manner. Nevertheless, they appear to get away with it, with impunity.

I'm tempted to contact the police; however, since I have little faith in the matter being seriously pursued, I feel it would be a waste of my time.


Mick Stella said...

The mentality of those who would prey on the weak and infirm disgusts me too.
You should report it to the Police. They won't be able to do much but at least it will be logged as a statistic and analysed at some point. For instance if 2 thousand people received the same letter and didn't report it, the Police would be completely unaware of a fraud potentially totaling many thousand.
If nothing else, your experience will make an interesting Blog entry. :)

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Mick,

I decided to send it, with a letter of my own, to the head honcho c/supt. at Strandtown police.

It's on its way.