Saturday, 2 May 2009

Opera Ticket

I meant to mention that I've been using a miniature Beefeater gin bottle as a container for my milk on NT Volunteer days. It seems to do the job very well indeed; just the right amount of milk for two beakers of tea. Helen spotted it today and I responded by apprising her of my considerable collection of mini gin bottles, mostly obtained during flights.

My ticket for Castleward Opera's production of Die Fledermaus arrived this morning. I'm ten rows from the front and as close to mid-summer as feasible, the 17th June. The sun had better be out!

It really is a shame that they were compelled to cancel the second opera this season. I'd intended to attend it too. The cancellation has been due to financial constraints, apparently. Castleward Opera is such a wonderful annual Event in Northern Ireland; it deserves more commercial sponsorship and support. What about an oil company like BP stumping up the requisite funding? That's what is needed. When I read the long list of benefactors for the Royal Opera, it is impressive indeed.

I'm sure there are plenty of corporate patrons entertaining their guests to free hospitality at Castle Ward; they are the obvious candidates to look to for help.

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