Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Review: Lidl Onion Rings

I'd run out of onion rings, having sought some in the freezer last week; so I stopped off briefly at Lidl's Castlereagh store, en route to the leisure centre, in order to buy a packet.

We have tried them before and, compared to the big supermarket onion rings they are, surprisingly, even better.

No matter what type of onion ring you buy, it is not for those on a diet. Our local Tesco store only sells breaded onion rings and, to my mind, they're not up to much. I prefer the battered variety anyway.

Needless to say, home-made onion rings are the best; but, since I am too lazy to go through the rigmarole of making batter, heating the deep-fryer, cooking them and cleaning up the greasy mess afterwards it's easier and simpler to buy them! We only eat them about once a month , at any rate.

The Lidl onion rings are battered, taste of onion and cost 79p for 450 grams. That is what they charge in Northern Ireland; perhaps they're cheaper on the Mainland, since Lidl don't treat us as being in the United Kingdom, in a logistical sense, at any rate.

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