Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Broken Tooth!

I was standing in the living-room on Sunday evening, waiting for the snooker final to resume and munching a tea-cake in one hand whilst holding a beaker of tea in the other, when, suddenly, I bit into something very hard. I managed to extract the foreign body from my mouth, thinking about what action I'd take with that mighty tea-cake purveyor, Marks and Spencer, and the blasted thing belonged to self!

It was a largish bit of tooth from the top, back right-hand side. Thank Heaven it doesn't hurt. Consequently I'm about to get on the blower to my dentist so that he can assess the damage.

Will it be a third crown; or a filling?


Amanda said...

So the trip to Markies wasn't on the cards then! Good luck at the dentist.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks Amanda. I phoned this morning - they're up to their eyes and they'll phone back.