Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Annual Balsam Bash

Himalayan Balsam is a particularly prolific weed. There are areas of the meadows at Minnowburn where it returns every year. We were endeavouring to eradicate the stuff at a spot close to the old Shaw's Bridge today. The newly-built boat-house could be seen too. Minnowburn is a National Trust property beside the River Lagan at Shaw's Bridge, Belfast.

Six or seven of us met at the car-park this morning at ten o'clock. No tools were necessary; just gloves. I mistakenly wore shorts, as I was stung repeatedly by nettles! Still, we managed to uproot a large amount of the Himalayan Balsam. At one spot, we came across a wild raspberry bush, so that was my dessert, having eaten the sandwiches half an hour earlier. I must have consumed a few dozen of the berries; indeed, I must make a mental note of that for July next year.

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