Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Contact Lens Trial

I cycled to my optician this morning in order to have a new contact lens fitting and trial. They are daily disposable lenses - Coopervision toric. I'm attracted to the idea that I could wear them occasionally, when it suits me.

I tried the monthly contact lenses almost exactly two years ago and didn't go ahead because I sustained a nasty cut whilst chopping an onion at home, wearing the lenses.

That has been the major snag for me: I need to wear reading glasses - not just to read, but for near sight - when I'm wearing contact lenses. I think it comes with age! I'm wearing reading spectacles as I tap away on this very key-board.

So it's a compromise; and that's why I'd get daily disposables, just to use occasionally. I shall even attempt to squeeze two days out of them by storing them in a case with solution overnight. Hygiene is, needless to say, of paramount importance.

There'd be no harm in buying an initial supply from them and also ensuring that I get the contact lens prescription. They checked my eyes and that cost £17.


Mick Stella said...

Hello Tim. I also use daily disposals occassionally. I would advise using them more than once. I have contracted conjunctivitis twice doing this and I was extremely careful with the lenses. Washing my hands with anti-bacterial wash, using the correct solution etc. You only get one set of eyes Tim!
If you haven't used the lenses before, you should subscribe for the first six months as the subscription includes the regular initial checkups and obviously the lenses too. After that, once you're happy your lenses and eyes are fine, use a copy of your Prescription and order lenses online from one of the many retailers.
I can recommend (based in Jersey). Very keen prices and prompt delivery.

Mick Stella said...

Oops. That should read "I would NOT advise" ;)

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello Mick,
Thanks a million for that advice. Mind me asking if you have any issues with near-sightedness, reading etc? As I said, I hadn't this issue 20 years ago!
How occasionally would you tend to use them Mick?

All the best, Tim

Mick Stella said...

I tend to use them at weekends when I'm doing "active" things like go-karting, rock-climbing etc where glasses get in the way.
I'm short-sighted, so don't need vari-focal glasses. In-fact, my optician advised me that my eyes-sight will actually improve as I approach my mid-forties, as everyone tends to develop long-sight at this age.

He also advised against Lasik surgery as later in life we all develop cataracts and lasik surgery makes it difficult to return one's sight to normal following their removal.