Monday, 27 July 2009

Netbook Dilemma

I am still slightly perplexed with the issue concerning wi-fi connectivity, the mobile broadband and netbook computers.

It is a complex matter, for me at least. I can imagine how many inexperienced - or naive - people are sold laptops only to discover that getting mobile broadband is not quite as straightforward as they thought!

Indeed, it is true that I could get mobile broadband via BT's Openzone hot-spots. I have Option One, so I believe I am entitled to 250 free wi-fi minutes per month.

However, in order to enable mobile broadband outside these hot-spots I'd need to buy a dongle. These are small, marker-pen sized modem-type contraptions sold by the big mobile phone companies. According to OFCOM's 3g coverage map, the Three Company has currently the best coverage in Northern Ireland.

I am loath to become involved with contracts, so a pay-as-you-go dongle from Three would seem the preferred option. The snag, for me, is that their dongles have expiry times of one month or three months with PAYG. Vodafone sell a dongle without this condition; however Vodafone's coverage in the Province for 3g is not brilliant presently. Alan In Belfast posted a good piece about this recently.

Regarding the netbook, I like the little Acer Aspire One in sapphire blue. I could buy a brand new one in white for £150; but the snag is that it a has a Linux operating system. To buy an Acer with Windows would cost a lot more, perhaps £70 more! The Three Company states that their dongles operate with Windows or Mac based systems.

A third way for me would be to buy a refurbished netbook, with a warranty, on Ebay; or at my local shop at Belmont. I could buy a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 that way (or an Acer).


belfast cabby said...
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Timothy Belmont said...

Sorry, Belfast Cabby! It has taken it upon itself to delete your comment! I didn't do it, honest!

Here it is:

belfast cabby has left a new comment on your post "Netbook Dilemma":

You would not need a dongle to connect to bt openzone as they are wifi routers sited in bt callboxes and your net book should have a wifi adapter built in.

You would need a dongle for 3s mobile broadband which connects via the mobile phone network.

I would just stick with the bt free minutes as there callboxes are everywhere.

Posted by belfast cabby to Lord Belmont In Northern Ireland at 27 July 2009 17:32

John Ferris said...

Tim why don't you keep an eye out on Dell's refurb store - same guarantee as brand new and a lot cheaper. These things are never as complicated as you think... even better get an iPhone.

Timothy Belmont said...

John, I've just bought a wee Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook with Windows XP.

Yet another toy... :-)

Cheers Tim