Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Big Lunch

Is anyone organizing a Big Lunch in Northern Ireland? The Big Lunch Project aims to encourage us all to get to know our neighbours better throughout the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Street parties were, of course, all part of our great British traditions during and after the war; and to celebrate royal jubilees.

The founders of the Eden Project are behind the idea. I know of one Big Lunch barbecue being organized by the National Trust at Minnowburn today; the wardens invited us to it yesterday.

I have just entered our post code in the Big Lunch website and, unsurprisingly, there shan't be one on our road; fat chance of that. Perhaps we're not as neighbourly as we think!


Grannymar said...

Why don't you organize it?

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! I'm not as sociable as you might think. :-)

Grannymar said...

No better time to begin!

big lunch N.I. said...

n. ireland is getting involved thisw year so perhaps you would be kind enough to do a little bit of promoting on your blog spot and motivate a few people to sign up and organise a few little get togethers. they can go to to get organiser support packs.