Friday, 10 July 2009

Valete: Mollie

A most affectionate little cat called Mollie, who visited our garden frequently and played there, was hit by a vehicle on our road at about nine-thirty this morning and died. I didn't know till I saw several passers-by stopped at the scene.

The driver who hit Mollie didn't bother to stop.

I cannot believe how upset I am; I did become very fond of Mollie though. I shall miss her.

Our neighbour has contacted the owners and left a note; and I have covered Mollie with a tarpaulin in our garden.


Grannymar said...

I once ran over a cat and killed it. I didn't stop to report it for two very good reasons...

They are good enough to blog about, maybe some day I will.

P.S. If you kill a dog on the road the law requires you to report it, the same does not apply to cats.

Timothy Belmont said...

It all depends on why a driver would not stop, as you say.
Perhaps if I hit a dog under certain circumstances I may not bother to stop, for the same reason that you didn't stop.

No matter what creature it was, they are all pets and people were very fond of them.

Anonymous said...

I think you did a very kind thing Tim. I found a cat that had been hit on the road once and contacted the owners from its tag, they were devastated. People should realise that a cat can be as big an attachment to a family as a dog or other pet. I would not drive on by if I was ever (God forbid) to hit one.


Timothy Belmont said...

I know it sounds soft, but I couldn't get over it for the rest of the day Roger. Hopefully I'll start feeling better today with a change of scenery and friends at Salt Island.

the owner - his wife was out all day - came to collect Mollie after I'd located him and placed Mollie on his front seat. He said his wife would be devastated.

So sad; people get so attached to their pets.

Thanks again Roger.


Tonymac said...

Poor Mollie the Moggie.
My cat of 15 years always greeted me in the driveway on my return home. Arriving home one night - It was unusually late - 4.00am, as I had been viewing the beacon at Knockagh Monument lit by Prince Charles, the evening before his marriage to Lady Diana Spencer. However, the cat should have been in her bed long ago - but wasn't, and I ran over her and killed her (this had been her 8th chance). In despair, I woke up the whole family then the Vet on the Belmont Road who charged me £40 to tell me my cat was dead - I guess I knew that but wondered if there was maybe something he could do. £40 was a lot of money in 1981 - but I think he charges more if it's in the wee small hours. My dear friend Philip Hammond sympathetically bought me book to cheer me up -
'A 101 uses for a dead cat' by Simon Bond. It didn't cheer me up. Any old how, you do get very attached to a pet, particularly when you've had them from when you are 7 years old up until you're 22 - and you've confided every secret to them in those very formative and challenging years. Poor Mollie. RIP

Timothy Belmont said...

Great anecdote - enjoyed it hugely. Mollie's owner visited me to thank me. I asked tentatively if they'd thought yet about another cat and she said they'd probably pay a visit to Assisi at Conlig where they'd been before. Mollie was 2, by the way.

I know of Philip Hammond. He was a master at Cabin Hill I believe; but he swam occasionally at Campbell sports club and we exchanged the odd word.. I haven't seen him for a few years - he must have joined another club or simply doesn't swim any more.