Wednesday, 1 July 2009

On Your Bike, Belmont!

If there is one thing that Timothy Belmont is not averse to, it's a spot of invigorating exercise. The swimming has ceased for the summer; so the noble posterior has rested itself on the saddle instead. The tyres have been pumped up to 60psi; the panniers unearthed from their resting-place; and off I peddled to my first destination this year, Connswater Shopping Centre, on the trusty bicycle.

It pays dividends to inflate the tyres to maximum pressure. I rode down to the Connswater river walkway which leads directly to the shopping centre, which is on the site of the former world-famous Belfast rope-works.

En route I noticed the makings of an enormous bonfire at the King George V playing-field beside the Oval football ground. As is the tradition in these parts, the bonfire shall be lit on the eve of the 12th July.

At Connswater I called in to Specsavers' opticians to inquire about daily disposable contact lenses. They reminded me - to my dismay - that it has been two years since my last eye test; so I expect that will cost £20 or so for starters. I'd like to have daily lenses for occasional use only; even squeezing two days out of one pair if, with due diligence, I only used them for part of the day. Is this feasible? I am aware that opticians frown upon this practice and they advice customers not to do it for hygienic reasons; and because daily lenses are thinner, flimsier and designed to last for one day only.

I have an appointment with them tomorrow. They suggested an appointment this afternoon but, since our only hope at Wimbledon this year, young Mr Murray, is playing in the quarter-finals today, I declined on those grounds.

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