Friday, 3 July 2009

Muriel & The Spaniard

Whilst I have never frequented either the Spaniard Bar or Muriel's Café Bar yet, it is believed that they are owned by the same proprietors. Have any readers ever had a drink or meal in either of them?

The Spaniard, in Skipper Street, Belfast, has a particularly innovative website; and its sister bar, Muriel's, which is literally across the street - High Street - and up Church Lane, gets a brief reference.

Both Muriel's and the Spaniard's menus can be perused on this website.


Anonymous said...

The Spaniard is my favourite pub in Belfast, can get a bit cramped mind you. Never been to Muriel's, but wifey likes it.

Timothy Belmont said...

I scanned the Spaniard's drinks list and it makes for impressive reading; exceptional indeed. I doubt if any of the bars under the influence - pun there! - of the big brewers and distillers would ever be permitted such a distinguished stock of liquors.


belfast cabby said...

The spaniard has to one of the most popular pubs in belfast dispite its size, folks regularly stand outside when its full. Always seems to have good atmosphere and cater's to wide range of ages.

Timothy Belmont said...

You should have seen Muriel's last night at 9pm!

Leslie said...

The Spaniard has a chef's special every day at lunchtime and their tapas are wonderful. It does sometimes become crowded but never annoyingly so and enjoys a wide mix of clientèle. If gin is your tipple of choice, you simply must try a Martin Miller's gin with feverfew tonic, dressed with cucumber. Bliss!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks for the tip! John Ferris has been hailing Miller's gin a lot recently too; and Feverfew tonic-water.

I shall do just that: pop in on a Tuesday or Thursday lunchtime for g-and-t and tapas.