Monday, 13 July 2009

Coughs And Sneezes

The Ministry of Health initiated a campaign, possibly during the Second World War, using the slogan, "Coughs And Sneezes Spread Diseases...Trap Your Germs By Using Your Handkerchief".

At no time is this judicious and sensible advice more pertinent than today, particularly in public places and transport.

With all this talk about Swine Flu, many people still ignore and disrespect others by coughing and sneezing in public without covering their noses or mouths with a handkerchief or tissue. It's pure, unadulterated ignorance; ill-mannered through a lack of education and up-bringing.

Why doesn't the Government revive such a campaign? Perhaps they fear being a "Nanny State"; or they deem it politically incorrect, which is all utter drivel of course. It's simply common sense; ironically, it's political correctness that deters them from reviving the slogan. Having said that, the sort of people who behave in such a manner would doubtless continue to ignore and resent such advice.

Who said that cleanliness was next to godliness? There is probably a grain of truth in that phrase. At any rate, in my perception public standards of hygiene, generally speaking, have dropped considerably since 1945. It was probably second-nature for people to wash their hands and use handkerchiefs in those days. Why not now?

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