Monday, 6 July 2009

Cycling To BK

Cognizant of the angry-looking skies this morning, I put on the aged Barbour jacket and tweed cap and wheeled my bike out of the shed. It was dry when I left.

I wished to treat an exceptionally kind friend and her husband to a nice meal at a favourite restaurant of mine, Beatrice Kennedy's, in University Road, Belfast. The last time we dined there was on my birthday, on the 22nd December, 2008; so I'm overdue another visit. Perhaps I'll have a meal there next month, when I'm at an Ulster Orchestra concert.

From the Albertbridge Road I turned on to Ravenhill Road; and turned right on to the Ormeau Embankment. If you are a cyclist you'll be aware of the disgraceful state of the Ravenhill Road with its uneven surfaces, pot-holes, sunken trenches - have I left anything out? - courtesy of the Roads Disservice! Why don't they spend as much time on re-surfacing main arterial roads as they devote to their beloved humps?

The staff at Beatrice Kennedy's were busy preparing for the day when I arrived. I had a good chat with Jim McCarthy, the chef patron (I almost in my guise as Lord Belmont; maybe I should change my name by deed poll!). The standards of service and cuisine at BK's are second to none, in my experience. I know my friends will enjoy a really special evening there.

I cycled home via University Street and the heavens opened: I got soaked to the skin! When I arrived home, I literally had to wring my socks of rain-water; that's how heavy it was. I have my socks, trousers and shoes in the hot-press as I write.

I'm not bothered in the slightest: I've been through a lot worse than a heavy shower.


O'Neill said...

"I cycled home via University Street and the heavens opened: I got soaked to the skin!" of the joys of cycling in Northern Ireland! I had the bike out at the weekend also, a nice three hours or so into the countryside, packed lunch and a decent book halfway- can't beat it!

Timothy Belmont said...

That's an idea: I could choose a sunny day to cycle along the Lagan tow-path and do just as you say, O'Neill. A pleasant thought.