Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Country Master

I cycled into Belfast again today, via one of the worst streets in the city - Mersey Street - thanks to the Roads Disservice (are they aware of the state of this street?). I called at Millett's and Tiso's; and neither of them stocked the walking shoes that I was interested in.

Finally I cycled over to Jackson Sports shop in High Street. I know they had a pair of the Brasher Countrymaster boots. I spent about fifteen minutes trying them on - with thick socks and thin socks; asked the sales chap a few questions; produced a piece of paper which I'd printed from my computer with the best price I could obtain; and Jackson's matched the price without any quibble, to their credit.

We have a slight disadvantage in Northern Ireland insofar as delivery costs are concerned: many retailers charge us more to deliver an item to the Province. Still, I got 11% off which isn't bad. That is £11.

The boots are made in Portugal, by the way.

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