Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Roving Footwear

During my break on Rathlin Island last week, I undertook a fair amount of walking - by my standards, at least. I stupidly brought one pair of shoes with me, the ones I travelled in. My holdall was full with other gear, including flip-flops, so I deemed it sufficient to wear one good pair of very heavy leather brogues. I was mistaken.

I encountered some sustained periods of rain and, whilst I had waterproof leggings, outer shall and cap, the rain-water all seemed to end up on my shoes! Stout as they are, they couldn't withstand such conditions in the field.

When I got home I realized that I don't really possess a pair of real walking boots, or shoes. I have very heavy hiking boots for the Mourne mountains; and light trainer-type footwear.

Enter a company called Brasher. I've been seriously considering their Countrymaster boots. I'll most likely cycle to Jackson Sports shop in High Street, Belfast, today to have a look at them. If they fit, I'll see what sort of deal Jackson's can come up with because I've done research on the Web and have a price to beat (about 15% discount online).

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