Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Abundant Gorse at Horse

I was out in the field with the National Trust today, our venue being a large field on the mainland beside Horse Island.

Horse Island is located about a mile south of Kircubbin, on the western side of the Ards Peninsula. The townland is Rowreagh.

There were eight of us today, clearing the field of plentiful amounts of gorse. Loppers, saws, a chain-saw and gloves were the requisite tools; and we lit two large bonfires. This clearance will enable the Trust to erect new fencing; and graze the field with cattle.

There was a flock of swallows at the water's edge, skimming along whilst feeding on the wing.

I motored home using the brand-new by-pass, which skirts Newtownards thus avoiding the town centre. It's a good improvement for motorists.

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