Tuesday, 18 August 2009

New Mobile

The little mobile phone I won a bid on with Ebay arrived this morning, the only snag being that it doesn't have a charger! It is as dead as a dodo; and my old charger doesn't fit it either.

I checked the item picture and there is a Nexus charger in the photograph with the camera, manual and box.

I see that genuine Nokia chargers can be bought on Ebay for £2.75; however, that is not the point.

The seller contacted me yesterday to tell me that they had accidentally left "precious photos" on the mobile's memory and asked me to send them on, which I cannot do without a charger!


Stephen Barnes said...

If they send the charger, you'll send the photos!

Timothy Belmont said...


No charger =

1. Complaint to Ebay
2. Negative feedback
3. No photos.

I could make it easy by buying a charger on Ebay after they credited my paypal account by the amount.