Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hard Hat Biker?

When we enjoyed our usual coffees and cinnamon scones at the Bay Tree in Holywood on Saturday morning, I heard about an accident which had befallen one of our friends' sons. He had gone head-over-heels on his cycle and broken his collar-bone. Apart from that, and one or two bruises, he was all right apart from having been badly shaken. He had been wearing a cycle-helmet.

Our friend asked me if I wore a cycle helmet and, when I responded in the negative, she looked at me directly and told me never to ride my bike without wearing a helmet.

Perhaps she made a particularly good point; for she believes that her son would have sustained even more severe injuries, had he been cycling without a helmet.

Perhaps unwisely, I stopped wearing my old cycle-helmet many years ago. I probably found it bulky and cumbersome going about my business. I have taken immediate action though, having learned about the plight of our friend's son.

I checked the Internet, drove to the shopping centre and bought a new cycle-helmet. They aren't costly these days: places like Argos sell them for less than £9. So many children and youngsters ride about in their bikes nowadays without the essential kit and equipment, particularly at night. I have seen countless numbers of young people cycling in the dark without lights, for instance. Why should I care? Their parents or guardians ought to mind, though.

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