Monday, 31 August 2009

Got a Gas Guzzler?

Even with the baby two-seater, I've noticed the cost of petrol gradually creeping upwards. I re-fuelled on Saturday at Sainsbury's and, despite the tank still having some fuel therein, it cost £26. I dread to think what one of those off-road, air suspension, Chelsea tractor gas-guzzlers would cost to re-fuel - a hundred pounds, one imagines; that's money to burn.

Now there is one valid reason to possess a luxury Land-Rover, wealthy farmers and land-owners excepted: air suspension. It is most desirable on Northern Ireland's roads, thanks to the Roads Disservice.

Well, the bad news for private motorists - those who do not get their fuel free, gratis and for nothing, paid for by a company - is that there is going to be another rise in the percentage of Fuel Duty from midnight tonight.

Re-fuel forthwith!


belfast cabby said...

Well that cheered me up!! (not)

Timothy Belmont said...

It's really bad news, isn't it? Especially for the likes of yourself. :-(